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This woman was by far the most kinky of them all I met on adultfriendfinder. Her mouth was so awesome, it felt amazing when she took me in deep throat style. After sucking me a little she told me to fuck her hard in doggy. It was hard doing that in the car but we managed, she had one of those ghetto booty’s rap guys always boast about, and let me tell ya more pushin’ for the kushin is really IT!

After fucking her silly, we ended up going for Bubble Tea which is some hot new Chinese drink sweeping my city as of late. Hell even the hillbillies are going crazy about it!

I met Kei when I was 23 years old at first at a party, but it wasn’t until recently that I saw her again, this time online on AdultFriendFinder. She was a librarian, a bookworm, total nerdy with glasses. Didn’t dress sexy, just average and wore really ugly running shoes. But deep down, under that laid a bod that was perfect in all the right places. Big tits, juicy ass, nice asian pussy that was shaved with only a landing strip of a hair left sort of like a sign, cock goes here! Of course, I am telling you this because I know since I fucked her over a dozen times… our story begun like this:


When I saw Kei on AdultFriendFinder I immediately messaged her and said hey, remember me? She did and then we proceeded to chat a little. I told her I had no idea that a smart girl like her could be so naughty and is on this site looking to get laid. She told me, she really loves sex and meeting guys just for that and no other reason. She already has a boyfriend who gives her the love she seeks but he is not adventurous enough for her liking, so she spices up that part of her life by meeting men to fuck on AdultFriendFinder. She then proceeded to say, if I want we could hook up and fuck so she could try me out. Well, we hooked up, and she tried me, and then she came back for seconds.